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    What is ANOVA

    You want to see how much of the total variation is explained by the different groups. You also want to see how much variation is left over!

    Assumptions of Two Way Anova (Am I wrong?)

    Your dependent variable should be continuous

    Your two independent variables should be in categorical, independent groups

    Sample independence – that each sample has been drawn independently of the other samples

    Variance Equality – That the variance of data in the different groups should be the same

    Normality – That each sample is taken from a normally distributed population

    Hypothesis of TW0 WAY ANOVA

    Remember to always think about what null and alternative hypothesis you are trying to reject! You are doing that for multiple things now! Group1! Group2! and the interaction (Group!*Group2!)!

    Linear Regression 1

    Linear Regression 2

    One factor NOVA

    Example from: https://www.guru99.com/r-anova-tutorial.html#1


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